Sales & Specials

These are the specials at this time:

  • All new and used automated longarm system purchases will receive our library of 1,600 digitized designs included. This retails for $2,000 when sold individually!
  • Check out used longarm equipment on the AQ web-site.
  • Until they are gone: We are offering Innova's extremely limited number of machines used at shows at a $1,500 discount from their list price! Just think: a longarm quilting machine for Christmas for just $8,500! This includes the full factory warranty, 4 days of training [a $400 value] and stitch regulation are included free of charge! These are serious machines: 18" longarm quilting machines on a 8' to 12' frame. Freight from the factory is an additional $550 and setup is $750. Ask about our specials on adding Lightning Stitch or Protouch! This offer will even get Mrs. Claus excited!

Longarm Loyalty Special:

We reward our loyal customers. There is an automatic 10% discount on longarming services for the fifth quilt brought in within a year. The tenth quilt  will receive a 20% as long as not more than two years has passed since the first quilt was brought in! After the tenth quilt, next quilt be comes the first, again, and the cycle starts over.

This discount is in addition to any other promotions.