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Check out our brochure on longarming services. It provides quilt preparation information that can be useful regardless of the longarming service provider that you use. Is also has information regarding our pricing.

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Our Christmas backlog is estimated to be about 3 days as of December 8, 2018.

Our non-Christmas backlong is estimated to be 4 weeks as of December 8, 2018.
Our thanks to those quilters who have checked in their quilts but have elected to let those with Christmas quilts precede them in the queue.

This is an estimate! We have had 9 quilts brought in by one person. We do not guarantee a date that it will be finished, even if we say "that should be fine". If you need your quilt done by a specific date, expedite it and it will be the next quilt on the machines and then neither of us will have to worry about when it might be finished or be disappointed.

We take pride in our quilting! Above all, we take pride in the quality of the quilting we produce for our customers. We have invested heavily to make that happen:

  • We use 2 Innova AutoPilot Mach 3s, one with Grand Format Embroidery, to assure that the results are always the best - repeatable & dependable and the top-of-the-line in regards to longarms, automated or otherwise!
  • Ruth is considered to be an AutoPilot Master, teaches Innova longarming classes and is a world-class trainer in quilting, longarming, and technology. Each of our professional longarm quilters have been quilting for 14 years!
  • We quilt 600 customer quilts per year! This does not include the hundreds of disaster or veteran quilts, or those for Raggedy Ruth Designs™ and ourselves quilted each year.
  • We quilt sizes from candle pads to draperies that are 12 feet wide by 15 yards long!
  • If none of our patterns work for you, we can even create a brand new pattern for your quilt!

At the same time, we strive to make this quality affordable!

  • Our pricing is rock-bottom! The all of our edge-to-edge [E2E] are 1.65 cents per square inch.
  • We involve you in the process of picking patterns, thread colors, batting, and backing: You create your artistic dream, and we make it precisely how you want!
  • We strive to get your quilt returned as quickly as possible. However, the backlog at Christmas and graduation-time tends to be the longest, so plan ahead. 

We provide professional automated long-arm services to bring out the best in your quilt top. We are unique in that we discuss your options with you and you are involved in the design process for your finished quilt. Our longarm services are well known for quality. Our customers have won top awards in quilting competitions. Each of our longarmers has over 14 years of professional experience and have completed hundreds of quilts to fulfill our customers' expectations.

We complete 2.5 customer quilts per day on average. Some small table runners take just a few hours, and some custom quilts can take a week to complete on the longarm machines.

Our original longarm was a freehand. Once we decided to have employees run the longarms, we realized that there could be a quality variation in the artistic interpretation and motions. At that point we had Accomplished Quilting, in St. Joseph, Michigan, provide another longarm machine, and we converted both to be automated.

One side benefit to automated stitching is the ability to have both hands free. This allows our longarm professionals to "Quilt That Out" to some extent. We will assist you and provide options in the event that the quilt top does not lay as expected.

We also provide non-longarm services such as trimming and binding.

We invite everyone come in and inspect our quilts to see that we really do achieve the highest quality on both sides of the quilt - both top and back!

We ask you to please call ahead when you bring your quilt top in to make an appointment so you can be sure that a qualified specialist has enough time to devote to you and your quilt when you come in to our shop.

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