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License Agreement

Single User License To Use Proprietary Materials Relating To “Be Creative With Your Mach3™! Draw, EndSnap, Split, Wreath & Go! Creating & Modifying Designs With The Innova AutoPilot Mach 3™


Use of These Materials

The use, perusal, review, and/or analysis [Use] of the Materials by a person, group, or business [You] is only allowed according to the guidelines of this Limited Single User License Agreement [License]. The License is to You and is not associated with a computer, system, any other person, company, or entity.

Who Owns The Materials

Forever In Stitches, LLC [Owner] is the Owner of the Materials. All Materials are copyrighted. The Owner has all and exclusive rights to the materials. All License Agreements must originate from the Owner for compensation.

The Owner created these Materials because they are key to their core business goals and are therefore proprietary, confidential, and valuable.

It is the Owner intent to provide You with the opportunity to accomplish a high level of skill in the use of the use of the Draw and related functions of the Innova Autopilot Mach 3™ software. The Materials should prove to be a valuable creative and competitive advantage for You.

What Materials Are Covered By The Single User License

  • The items that constitute these Materials are, in part or together:
  • The workbook entitled “Draw, EndSnap, Split, Wreath & Go With The Innova AutoPilot Mach 3™ for the Innova” [Workbook].
  • Electronic materials including the exercises, videos, and all designs used in the Workbook [USB Drive]; and,
  • Any one or all the videos of the exercises and exercises in the Workbook [Videos].

What You Can Do With The Materials

  • With any of the Materials, You [the purchaser, immediate family member, and employees who perform longarming services for You] are licensed to privately do the following with the Materials:
  • Read or refer to the Workbook as often as You deem necessary;
  • Do the Exercises as many times and as often as You wish;
  • Watch the videos as often as You like;
  • Do any combination of the above as often as You desire;
  • The patterns are for Your use only;
  • If you wish to study the Materials with a friend, the friend must purchase their own copy of the materials.
  • Make a copy for backup of the USB Drive and videos to protect Your investment from loss or corruption; and,
  • You may recommend or critique the Material without disclosing the details of the contents.
  • The above must be done by Yourself or with another/others who has/have properly acquired their own License(s) and are using their own copies of the Materials from the Owner.

What You Cannot Do With The Materials

You cannot:

  • Share or show any part or the entirety of the Materials;
  • Teach, demonstrate, show, or instruct others, for remuneration or not, using any part of these Materials;
  • Store the Materials on the web, social media, email, or any other method that could be used by another person; or,
  • Sell, give, or donate the Materials, including the patterns, for remuneration or not.


Deviation from this License is only authorized with written approval from one of the Owner.


Accidental or intentional misuse of the Materials is deemed to have a severe negative effect on the Owner and action will be taken in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana


If You have questions about this license agreement, contact Forever In Stitches, LLC at +1.567.208.3572 or

Agreement With The License

If You do not agree with this license agreement, please, immediately return all the Materials to the instructor or the company/person from which You procured these Materials.

If You agree to abide by the license agreement, please keep one copy with the Materials and sign and date the other below and send one to either of the addresses below.

Nonetheless, use of these materials in any way constitutes acceptance of this License agreement. For Your records, there is a copy of the License Agreement in Your workbook.