Endorsements For The Advanced Training

Self Study Endorsements

“I could not find local support for my AutoPilot Mach3. There was plenty of support for free-motion quilting, but not automated. In order to get training I found I had to travel many states from my home until I found the self-study Advanced Training AutoPilot Mach 3 by Accomplish Quilting. It is just what I was looking for. I am so excited.” Shawn S. – Self-Study.

"Thank you for all your work in creating the AutoPilot Mach3™ Advanced Training Course. It is well done, and in my opinion, should be included with the purchase of ABM/Innova Quilting Machines. The material is very clear and concise. You have done a superb job of showing multiple examples of applying the AutoPilot Mach3™ software features and functionality. The watch, read and do method of training was very helpful in learning and retaining the information. Thank you again for putting the information together in such a well-organized package." - John W. - Self-Study

"I’ve completed the work piece for the certificate of mastery. I enjoyed working through the exercises, and I learned a lot!" - Judy C. - Self-Study

"The workbook was so good that I really don't need the workshop!" - Judy C. - Self-Study

"Thanks for creating this training program." - Estelle T. - Self Study

"I can't wait to get my new AutoPilot Mach 3-the self study program is a dream come true....actually having a workbook with illustrated pictures and projects that help you learn EVERY function. Thanks for making quilting even more FUN!! - Lisa S. - Self Study

Workshop Endorsements

I liked most: "Sharing time with hands-on the AutoPilot. Ruth & Rick were so pleasant & have love for teaching/our success." - Lisa R.

"The steps for each process were explained very well. Great hand-out material! Very comprehensive. Amazing Class - Thank You!" - Nancy T.

"The class connected all the "dots" of the program and finally gave me a printed reference that was detailed enough so I can use my AutoPilot at home." - Janet H.

I liked most: "Small class. Friendly people - teachers & students. Organized material: step 1, step 2, etc. Ability to ask questions, watch AutoPilot on big screen TV. Very sense oriented for different learning styles. Hands on with AutoPilot, layout of the workbook. Exceptional Class!!" - Amy O.

"What I liked most about the class was the hands-on approach to the AutoPilot & the Innova." - Dale M.

"I liked most about the class was the hands-on. They stopping to clarify instructions. I liked that Ruth & Rick played off each other, clarifying and explaining." - Carlene C.

"The continuity between the materials and practice was what I liked most." - Laura H.

"I liked the hands on - Quilt set up on the machine." - Rene M.

"Hands-on training is what I liked most about the class." - Anne M.

I liked most: "Hands-On" - Iva S.

I liked most: "Step by step instructions made sense of a complex system; depth of knowledge of instructors." Carol S.

I liked most: "Hands on, able to ask questions." - Jeannie A.

I liked most: "Your willingness to answer questions and willingness to learn. It is hard to try and learn so much in the two days. But, I know that [this] is the best way to do it." - Deanna C.

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