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Certification of Longarm Mastery

The "Certificate of Longarm Mastery" goes beyond the "Certificate Of Completion".

It is issued to those participants, regardless of whether they attended a class or work by self-study, and submitted pictures of the projects, completed outside of the class.

There must be seven pictures as follows:

  • The entire set of projects 1-7 including the Layout from which the following pictures are taken, close-up;
  • Project 1;
  • Project 2;
  • Project 3;
  • Project 4;
  • Project 5; and,
  • Projects 3 - 7 combined [we refer to this as the "table runner"].

The pictures will be reviewed to assure that the results required were attained. We are reviewing the execution of the course material. Problems not related to the course are not included in the review [such as: tie-offs, stitch quality; and the like.

Upon review, the  certification signed by the president of Accomplish Quilting, Inc., will be issued via post at no additional cost. In addition, a JPG picture of your certificate will be emailed to you for use on your web-site, social media, etc.

This certification is to assure your customers, as well as yourself, that you can use all of the functionality of Innova's AutoPilot Mach 3.

Multiple Certificates Of Longarm Mastery

Additional CLMs are allowed as long as the additional applicants fall within the License of the Materials. There is an additional fee. This information can be found on our web-store.

Recipients of Certifications Of Longarm Mastery

Registration Name Company Location
CLM-001 John Weiksnar 801 Quilting Salt Lake City UT
CLM-002 Judy Clare Mulberry Patch Quilting Frankfort IN
CLM-003 Ruth Grihalva Forever In Stitches Bluffton OH
CLM-004 Rick Grihalva Forever In Stitches Bluffton OH
CLM-005 Will Burke Accomplish Quilting Indianapolis IN
CLM-006 Marie Harrison Blue Springs Quilting Mountainair NM
CLM-007 Tami Mantsch Accomplish Quilting Indianapolis IN
CLM-008 Shawn Sickle Sewin' Love Quilting Richmond TX
CLM-009 Pam Huggins Hugs N Quilts Kalamazoo MI
CLM-010 Donna Axline California
CLM-011 Julie Lillo Accomplish Quilting  St. Joseph MI
CLM-012 Carol Schamerloh The Quilted Lady Bluffton IN
CLM-013 Brenda Keech Michigan
CLM-014 Julie Herber West Lafayette IN
CLM-015 Barbara Bamesberger Barbara's Quilting Corner Lincoln NE
CLM-016 Cathy Fieseler Kentucky
CLM-017 Carol Huster Quality Quilting by Carol Rockford MI
CLM-018 Lisa Durall Qualify Quilting by Carol Rockford MI
CLM-019 Dawn Veltema Fun2Sew Creations Zeeland MI
CLM-020 Carol Webb Tennessee
CLM-021 Zoey Neuenschwander Zoey Neuenschwander Mackenbach, Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany

Note: if only the state is shown, the longarmer uses their Innova for personal and/or charity purposes only.

There is more information on this training course and material than than can be put on one page. Please refer to the following links to explore the extent of this training.

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If you have any questions please feel free to call our Registration & Information line at 567.208.3572.