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Be Creative With Your Mach 3

You own the most powerful longarm in the industry – Use it that way! “Be Creative With your Mach 3™: Creating & Modifying Designs With The Innova AutoPilot Mach 3™” is not just a title! It is a way of enhancing your quilts!

The Draw function, when combined with EndSnap, Split, Wreath, Morph and others give you the ability to work on those challenging quilts as well as creating new designs from scratch, combining existing designs, and altering existing designs to your requirements. The quilting needs to complement or fit the quilt top. Using these techniques you can succeed in even the most difficult situations.

The self-study course begins with basic concepts of longarm designs and continues through ten exercise that have been created from actual instances that Ruth has encountered. These ten exercises provide a working knowledge of the building blocks to provide a basis for your imagination to run wild.

The exercises create the building-blocks to create the most intricate designs without purchasing additional designing software.

This self-study course is comprised of materials that are:

  • An eighty-four page, full color workbook with 10 Exercises and an Overview of longarm design.
  • A USB drive containing:
  • o   Four designs that are incorporated in the Exercises.
  • o   Four pictures from which to build or modify designs.
  • o   Eleven MP4 videos lasting two hours of the AutoPilot Mach 3 screens covering the Forward/Introduction as well as listening to the author walk you through the ten Exercises, matching the Workbook step-by-step.
  • Two fifteen minute sessions of phone or on-line Technical Support for assistance with the materials.

Ruth, the main author, and her husband Rick have owned and operated Forever In Stitches, LLC for seventeen years. Forever In Stitches has been a “longarm shop” and the design studio for Raggedy Ruth Designs™, where she has published her 160 quilting designs and three books under the nom de plume of “Raggedy Ruth”.Additionally, Forever In Stitches, LLC has longarmed over 8,000 quilts for remuneration.

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