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Advanced Certification Material For Innova AutoPilot Mach 3

This page contains more information on Accomplish Quilting, Inc. and Forever In Stitches, LLC's "Advanced Training AutoPilot Mach 3". There is nothing like this available anywhere or from anyone - dealer or Innova, itself.

So this is an offer you should take. To assist you we've provided the following information for your perusal.

This information was developed by Forever In Stitches in conjunction with Accomplish Quilting over a nearly half year period to address the training needs of existing, prospective, and future owners of Innova's AutoPilot Mach 3 automated quilting system. The materials included in the course are:

  • A 100 page workbook [shown to the right] of 100 pages, illustrated and in full color printing. It includes 8 chapters covering 57 pages that start with creating the project layout and continue through 7 individual projects ranging from "off-the-border" edge-to-edge [E2E] to complex custom quilting to creating your own design elements.

    There are 32 exercises included in the projects, and many more individual, fully illustrated steps. Also included are 14 pages of "Hints, Tips & Techniques".
  • 14 additional "Extreme Volume E2E" projects that demonstrate high through-put and profitability.
  • 18 patterns that are used in the 7 individual projects. These do not include those you will create.
  • 12 MP4 HD videos that follow the workbook step-by-step. The view of the quilt and the screen are shown simultaneously so that the impact of actions can be fully understood.
  • You will be eligible for two certifications, listed in the link-box below.



There is more information on this training course and material than than can be put on one page. Please refer to the following links to explore the extent of this training.

Registration Syllabus Workbook
Videos USB Drive Extreme High-Volume E2e
One-On-One On-Line Technical Support Certificate of Completion Of Advanced AutoPilot Training Certification of Longarm Mastery
Original Email Announcement Frequently Asked Questions Workshops
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If you have any questions please feel free to call our Registration & Information line at 567.208.3572.