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The Newest From Raggedy Ruth Desings!

These are the newest of our Raggedy Ruth Designs galary. Click on any of the below pictures to be taken to the page devoted to it with all of the pertinent information. Only the most recent patterns are shown here. To see all of the patterns and their pertinent information, chronologically or by category, please go to our on-line store.

See all of "Raggedy" Ruth's designs with their complete description at our on-line web-store by clicking Here! She has over 150 patterns, three books and two tools for you to see. Happy Quilting!

In 2003, my husband gave me a Gammill Optimum for Christmas. It became the first of our of two automated Statler Stitcher/Gammill Optimums where we longarm from 500 to 600 quilts for our customers per year.

That first Gammill was a "free-motion" machine. Both Rick & I took lessons from Accomplish Quilting on its use and longarming techniques. Just four months later our Gammill grew into our quilt shop, Forever In Stitches, LLC. We immediately bought our second machine and automated them both as we realized that consistent quality was a necessity.

In 2017 we traded the two Gammills in for two INNOVA AutoPilot Mach 3™s, again from Accomplish Quilting. Now we are also INNOVA dealers servicing the tri-state area of Ohio-Indiana-Michigan with Accomplish Quilting.

Since 2003, I've been designing quilt patterns. I soon discovered that my patterns were very popular and many of the techniques that I used were new and eye-opening for our quilters.

In 2005, I published my first pattern, "Scrappy Country Star", under the nom de plume of "Raggedy Ruth Designs™". In 2011, this same pattern was chosen as the for the July month quilt as well as for the cover photograph for Better Homes & Garden's "American Patchwork and Quilting 2012 Calendar" shown right.

From the beginning I sold my patterns wholesale to other shops as well as retail in my own shop. Shortly thereafter Distributors started carrying my patterns. In the late 2000s I started creating "patternettes", which are small, less expensive, applique projects.

In total I have published over 150 patterns and three books. 

My patterns and patternettes can be seen at our web-site, or in your local quilt shop. I also created the web-site webside for quilt shops and quilters alike to use as a resource.

I have created many patterns for use as "Block of the Month" or "shop hop" programs. The "Quilt of Many Colors", left, was designed in 2010 for the BOM for 2011. After the promotion for the BOM was published, we discovered that the quilt could not be made satisfactorily using the standard "Sew & Flip" technique for corner triangles.

I then invented the "Perfect Corner Method™" and then the "Perfect Corner Ruler™" [below, right] to that even beginning quilters could have success with corner triangles and this beautiful quilt. The method not only made perfect corners, but also perfect points, and perfect blocks - and it also saved fabric. The web-site is dedicated to its use with videos, story boards, and instructional materials.

Inventing the "Perfect CornerRuler™" led to my first book titled "Drawing The Line On Accuracy" which included two beautiful quilts and instructions on designing your own blocks that incorporate corner triangles. This book focuses on how to use the ruler and method in developing you own blocks for your own creations and challenges.

"Perfectly Frugal Piecing" was my third book which focused on the fabric savings of the "Perfect Corner Ruler™". It has 5 bed-sized quilts in sizes twin through king. Making all 20 options saves over 18 yards of fabric! [This means that you don't have to buy that fabric!] Just to highlight the savings, the "Flip & Sew" method is shown along side every step of the way in all of the patterns.

Along the way I got "bitten" by the "Twister Bug". Catching this bug produces either a euphoria high or disgust. I got the "euforia" reaction.

I was bitten when the three smaller twister-style templates were invented [the "'Lil Twister", "Primitive", and "Itty-Bitty"]. These smaller sizes allows the focus on the quilt design and not just the geometric impact of the twisters.

As a result, I have created 13 Twister-style patterns and one book. The book ["Twister Chasers"] contains five of the patterns in 12 sizes.

As you cans see, I have an eclectic collection of patterns. I create what inspires me.

I love quilting because of the new, beautiful, and exciting things that await your creativity!

                   Where quilting is queen!